The End of My Extremely Short-lived Fiction Blog Project

Well, that didn’t take long; I’m declaring over. Not necessarily a straight-up failure (I still think the format has promise), but I can’t really commit to the pressure of coming up with vignettes like this–much less vignettes that are supposed to be funny–on a triweekly basis. Not when I’ve got this blog, school work, two Campus Progress columns a month and my other, much longer form fictional work in progress to contend with.

Plus, I’ve been flying blind on this to a greater extent than I normally do, because I never envisioned any sort of long-term arc for any of the characters, and just decided to see where the story takes me. Which sounds like the sort of thing that would allow me to loosen up a bit and lessen my dependence on structure and planning ahead, but without any idea what direction I’m even going in, it leads to a lot of throat clearing that isn’t enough to engage me, and therefore certainly isn’t enough to engage the reader.

Oh well. Onto other things.


4 Responses

  1. i liked the idea.

  2. damn – you know, I had just finally gotten to reading that blog, and then I came over here only to find that it’s dead. Oh well. Consider keeping the blog, and just saving anything new as drafts. Don’t publish stuff again until you have a decent amount saved up, and then go at it. It isn’t exactly time sensitive material.

  3. I considered that, but it’s not really a long-term solution. And while I still like the format, it just doesn’t map well with how my creative process works.

  4. I enjoyed it while it lasted, Ned. But I think you are wise to prioritize your work.

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