Old-Timey Antisemitic Dogwhistles

I don’t know why this is so hard for everyone to wrap their heads around. As Serwer pointed out, there’s something about the demagoguery of Messrs. Limbaugh and Hayworth that evokes sepia-tinged memories of the Jew-bashing and conspiracy mongering of Henry Ford and Father Coughlin.

What Sirota misses out on in his response is that Hayworth zeroes in on Jews exclusively when spreading around the blame. Not only that, but his description of George Soros as “in the background, manipulating all the currency” might as well have come with a 15th-century German wood etching of little Jew goblin bankers as a visual aid.

Furthermore, Mr. Hayworth has something of a history with antisemitic remarks.

But no, it’s those damn Democrats who hate the Jews.


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