The Fairness Doctrine Conspiracy

Steve Benen quotes an Obama spokesperson as saying that the White House has absolutely no interest in reviving the Fairness Doctrine, and suggests that should be the end of it. I’m not so sure about that. Think of it this way: Would you rather have Michelle Malkin dedicating her energies to stalking children in the name of fully privatized health care? Or would you rather have her occupy her time organizing harmless letter-writing campaigns for things that will never, ever happen?

You know how sometimes, in insane asylums, the caretakers will indulge inmate fantasies just to keep them somewhat pacified? Think of it like that.

So in the interest of pacifying the inmates, I’m launching a new feature on this blog: FAIRNESS DOCTRINE RESURRECTION WATCH.


Okay, so some Obama surrogate says they don’t want to reinstate the Fairness Doctrine, but what does B. Hussein Obama himself have to say about it? For that, we turn to his last weekly address. PAY ATTENTION TO THE BLINKING.

Okay, were you watching? Did you notice it was in morse code? Did you bother to translate it? I sure did. He was saying:


Nice try, Benen. And to Limbaugh, Malkin, et al.: Never give up the fight!


4 Responses

  1. They are saying that they have not interest in “The Fairness Doctrine” because they are playing the game of semantics here. They do not intend on reviving THAT old doctrine, but they DO plan on reinstituting it in practice. NEW name…same game. The liberals do NOT want us talking about any of this, thus the reason they will do whatever it takes to shut us up.

    I just blogged on this as well:

  2. BillZ-

    I read the relevant post on your blog, but couldn’t find a single piece of evidence that Obama had any interest in reviving anything similar to the Fairness Doctrine. Could you please point out where anyone in his administration has proposed anything even remotely similar to that?

  3. It’s not just Obama, it’s the liberals on capitol hill in general. Obama states that he isn’t interested in the “fairness doctrine” per se as recently as within the last few days, but you must NOTE that he calls it something different. He refers to it as “localism”…meaning, this will be accomplished at a local level. Of course, “localism” will still be mandated and regulated from the top dawn starting at the national level, but instead of dealing directly with any single individual violating the “fairness” they so fondly (and hypocritically) speak of, they will leave that up to local web hosts, local radio stations, local public television, etc. Make no mistake, this is the SAME thing as the “fairness doctrine”…as I already stated in MY blog.

    How about hearing directly from the horses mouths…the very people who are promoting this idea:

    And if you search “fairness doctrine” on YouTube you’ll find MANY other clips just like these. If you need more evidence than this, it obviously makes no difference what anyone says, you have already chosen your side and what you will or will not believe.


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