Accountability in Action

Daniel Larison has a correction on Charles Krauthammer’s latest column.

The causes for the end of U.S. access to Manas air base in Kyrgyzstan were many, and most of them were related to internal Kyrgyz politics and U.S. actions in connection with the base, as the former Kyrgyz ambassador to the U.S. under the old Akayev regime makes clear here. The wise thing would be to spend less time whining about Russia’s so-called “brazen provocations” and to spend more trying to understand how Washington lost the goodwill of the Kyrgyz government. One way to start would be to acknowledge that the Kyrgyz government is not merely a puppet, but it will drift into the orbit of whichever major power it finds most aligned with its interests.

The funny part is that the correct information was previously published in the Post, and yet Krauthammer’s editor still didn’t bother to check it.

But now that Larison has pointed out the need for a correction, I’m sure that the Post will get right on that.


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