TBNYU’s Next Event: A Giant Pity Party

Take Back NYU! might not be much in the activism department, but its members have always shown a remarkable penchant for hyperbole and self-aggrandizement. Unsurprisingly, that defines their response to NYU’s resolution to the mess they started.

Many students are electing to live off-campus rather than taking the NYU housing option, said CAS senior Drew Phillips, a member of Take Back NYU, the coalition that launched the occupation of Kimmel.

“The way this was handled was completely atrocious,” Phillips said. “NYU showed its giant teeth and is a monster.”

Protester Maria Lewis lived in Carlyle Court residence hall before the occupation. She is now living with her friend.

“I think the iron fist came out of the velvet glove,” Lewis said of the university’s actions.

Cry me a goddamn river. What did they expect to happen? It seems to me that NYU administrators have been very restrained in their reaction to this whole thing, because they recognize that being overly harsh will just lend credibility to the credibility-starved TBNYU. But given what happened, the group seems to be getting off really easy.

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