Fair Hearings for the TBNYU! Kids

This sounds right to me. Just because I think that the occupation was one of the stupidest ideas an NYU student has ever had, doesn’t mean that the people involved don’t at least deserve fair hearings. And if it gets them a lighter sentence than expulsion while still serving as a deterrent for future illegal nonsense, so much the better.

This part of the petition is particularly interesting:

The Administration’s statement on the Kimmel occupation focused only on student misconduct, thereby failing to acknowledge that the protest took place in response to the Administration’s conduct of university business. We therefore call on the Administration to address the serious policy issues that the protest has now raised, by working with the faculty, students, and staff to establish a university-wide fiscal accountability committee. In these hard times, candor and transparency are essential, if NYU’s economic policies are not to cause more friction, misunderstanding, and civil disobedience.

Sounds good to me. And although I’m sure TBNYU! will declare victory if the administration agrees to this, it’s worth noting that this is the sort of idea those tenured professors probably would have signed a petition in favor of without all of the stupid antics in Kimmel.


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  1. […] don’t think there’s been any word yet on proposed fiscal accountability committee, but that’s probably going to be the next fight in the ongoing campaign for budget […]

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