Fun Alternatives to Illegally Occupying Buildings

Just a thought: What has Take Back NYU! done to shore up support among faculty? If I were running a campaign in favor of budget disclosure, it seems to me that one of the first things I would do is get as many tenured professors as I possibly could to sign a letter in favor of it, and then send a press release highlighting the letter to all the local papers. That would be the beginning of a campaign, not the end, but it would probably get you a lot farther than a 40-hour freak-in in the school cafeteria.

My understanding is that the final word on what’s going to happen to the occupiers is to come later today. Expulsion seems sort of likely, and I’m not sure that would be so poorly received by the rest of the student body. The WSN poll shows 2/3rds against expulsion, while the NYU Local poll shows 70% for, and it’s hard to tell which one to put more credence in; the NYU Local’s is an online poll, but the WSN one has a tiny sample size.

If you add all of the respondents from both polls together, though, you get 65% for expulsion, which is kind of funny. To borrow one ringleader’s favorite phrase, it appears that the student body of NYU “formed a consensus,” and that consensus is that TBNYU is terrible.

I’m actually opposed to expulsion, though god knows those kids were asking for it. But when dealing coke to other undergrads just gets you kicked out of housing, expulsion for a well-meaning but staggeringly stupid enterprise like this seems pretty harsh. But with little certainty that the mere threat of future expulsions will deter TBNYU from pulling something like this again, NYU might not have a choice.


4 Responses

  1. i believe there was no forming a consensus. the consensus was used.

  2. “god knows those kids were asking for it.”

    I don’t agree. It was an ill-thought-out endeavor, but I don’t think immaturity constitutes asking for expulsion.

  3. Either way, we both agree that they shouldn’t actually be expelled.

  4. Expulsion sounds a bit harsh to me. Suspension? is that an option?

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