John Kerry Brings the Funny

Despite his reputation as a humorless plank of wood, I actually enjoyed this interview quite a bit. I guess no longer running for president but still having your party control the White House and the Senate loosens a guy up. Although he makes too many half-joking references to his failed candidacy for me not to think that still stings a little bit.

Also, my former roommate pointed this part out:

Q: Think of one of your least favorite people in Washington and, without naming names, describe what makes that person so unappealing.

A: Disloyalty is the trait that burns me up.

That sounds an awful lot like a dig at you-know-who.


One Response

  1. I met Kerry a couple months ago at a Mass. Democratic Party event, and he has a kind of awkward humor that’s really endearing. One of the other Harvard kids there had a “Blame Yale” shirt with Bush’s picture on it, and then this happened:

    Kerry: So I take it you go to Harvard.
    Kid: Yes, sir.
    Kerry: What year are you?
    Kid: I’m a sophomore.
    Kerry: Let me see what I can do to make you a freshman again.

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