Tucker Carlson On the Future of Conservative Journamalisming

Depending on how numb you already are to the horrible carnival funhouse that is CPAC, the above video (via Friesendorf) is either kind of funny, kind of upsetting, or both. It’s kind of striking how the audience’s reaction is predicated entirely on NYT=bad!, FOX News=good!, and they’re unwilling to grapple with the argument that Carlson is making. I guess that’s why folks like Ann Coulter, who speak entirely in a dense, monotonous portmanteau of dog whistles, do so well with that crowd.

But to the substance of what Carlson says: I think he’s half-right here. The things that he’s wrong about are as follows:

A.) Nobody should ever, ever imitate the FOX model. Terrible, dishonest journalism and very little editorial independence from the Republican Party don’t make for a good conservative news outlet.

B.) The New York Times is not an ideologically oriented publication. I’m not going to get mired in a debate about covert bias, or who in their news room is a known liberal, or whatever, I’m just pointing out that their mission statement is all about notions of journalistic objectivity and partiality. It’s not the Guardian.

But Carlson is right that the conservative movement, such as it is, could use a better journalism infrastructure with some more original reporting. But if I were them, I would model that after Talking Points Memo and The Washington Independent–both of which are avowedly liberal news sources, which nonetheless focus primarily on original reporting–as opposed to NYT or FOX.

Too bad Culture11 is dead. That would have been a good place to start.


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