Tentative Spring Break Itinerary

I’m going to be AWOL from April 3rd to April 19th, bumming around Europe with the help of a rail pass and CouchSurfing.com. I’m not particularly well-traveled, so the goal here is to just see as much of Europe as I possibly can in the two weeks I’m given; at first I wasn’t even going to plan my trip, but then I realized that I needed to get in touch with the lovely people who will be letting me crash on their couches in advance. So in anticipation of that, I’ve been sketching out a rough itinerary. Here’s what the first draft looks like:


Obviously it’s going to be difficult for me to really get to know any of these places, but that’s not really the intention here; right now I just want the cliff notes version, and then hopefully I can go back and really explore the places I want to later in life.

A few places got left off the list that I’m a little disappointed about–unfortunately, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Budapest, Zagreb and Barcelona were just too far out of the way. I’ll get to at least some of those places some day.

Still, I’m ridiculously excited about this. 8 countries in 16 days. One country every two days. This is going to be intense.


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