Guy Who Helped Corrupt the Justice Dept. Trying to Avoid Investigations

Leahy’s proposed Truth Commission sure gets stuck with some unflattering comparisons in this insipid-even-for-them Politico piece: namely, the efforts Senator Joe McCarthy and Joseph fucking Stalin. But the hyperbole doesn’t really make sense until you check out the byline and see who’s doing all the hyperventilating: one Hans Spakovsky.

Spakovsky, of course, is a TPM Muckraker favorite for his role in politicizing the Bush Justice Department, specifically its Civil Rights Division. He’s already been subpoenaed in an unrelated investigation into Bush administration wrongdoing, so it makes perfect sense that he would want to avoid another one.

You’d think a guy as familiar with corruption as Spakovsky would be able to distinguish it from mere “policy differences.” There is no reasonable disagreement to be had over politicization of the Justice Department, illegal wiretapping, extraordinary rendition, or any of the rest of it. They’re all illegal, and staggeringly unethical. And since one of the roles of the US Senate–one that they weren’t particularly stellar at for much of the Bush years–is oversight of the executive branch, I don’t see anything particularly Stalinesque about them taking steps to make sure this doesn’t happen again.


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