Revenge of the Trig Truthers

I will give John Ziegler this, and this alone: He sorta has a point here.

Andrew Sullivan is a guy who should never be allowed back in any remnant of the conservative movement after what he did, just on the Trig “trutherism” issue. It’s just scandalous. I mean, this guy is still invited on major TV shows after coming forward with, and continuing, the theory that Gov. Palin faked a pregnancy of a Downs Syndrome child even after we found out that the daughter she was allegedly protecting was also pregnant, in a way made it absolutely biologically impossible. Now, that ought to be a career ender! Instead it was a career advancement, because of the bias in the news media.

Now, of course, there are a few caveats here: To my knowledge, Sullivan’s career didn’t advance at all (he’s still got the exact same job at the Atlantic), and certainly not as a direct result of his promotion of the Trig Palin conspiracy theory. And the central thesis of his documentary, about media bias, is still total bunk.

But Sullivan’s constant flogging of this ridiculous non-story really was unconscionable. It’s just as pernicious as Larry Johnson’s non-existent “whitey tape”–maybe more so, because Sullivan’s rumor-mongering attacked both a public figure and that public figure’s teenage daughter.


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  1. Total Bunk??? Anyone didn’t come to the conclusion months ago that most of the MSM was in the tank for Obama either wasn’t paying attention or didn’t want to see the truth.

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