Back From Cornwall

Here’s one of the images from this weekend that really sticks with me:


That’s the view from the ruins of Tintagel Castle, which legend has it was the birthplace of King Arthur. I can’t really put into words how that view made me feel.

It’s funny to think that when the Americans of the 19th century looked to nature, it inspired them to create transcendentalism, and the Hudson River School. The creative class of 18-19th century England would visit ruins out in the middle of nowhere like the castle, and what they saw there would move them to write Gothic horror.

Great weekend. But if you want to make the trek yourself, don’t bring the kids.

3 Responses

  1. That’s a very interesting insight. I think I spend the next several days trying to figure out why exactly that is (by which I mean the difference between American and Europena literature).

  2. I think that picture gives at least one reason. Because of the climate around here, English landscapes tend to be a lot darker, colder and all-around bleaker than American ones. No redwood forests and gulfstream waters here.

  3. It is a pretty haunting image. I’ve been thinking about it days after you first posted this entry.

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