Your Republican Party

The fact that the governor of South Carolina would risk thousands of jobs of public school teachers by turning down what is essentially FREE MONEY from the federal government in order to make some stupid point about the stimulus package really goes to show you just how insane this whole debate has become. This guy’s supposed to be representing the interests of his state, and instead he’s playing games with their whole education system just for a little national prominence.


2 Responses

  1. The public school systems throughout America foster politically motivated policies and practices in lieu of sound principles of education. Political interference is perhaps the main problem with the decline in the quality of education provided students. Read The Twilight’s Last Gleaming On Public Education, available via Search their bookstore by book title. Well worth the read. This intriguing, socially relevant, and inspiring story provides great insight into the real world of public education. See if you can identify with the characters and situations presented. Share it with your friends. What do you think of the proposed solutions?

  2. So what exactly are you suggesting here? That this is a backdoor way of destroying public education by finding excuses to starve it of funding? And that that’s a good thing?

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