Jon Stewart Rips CNBC a New Asshole

To accompany all of the other ones they’ve already got on the air.

For those of you who haven’t already seen the extended version of Stewart’s interview with Jim Cramer last night, here’s the final third, and best part:

It’s hard not to agree with John Cole’s half-hearted defense of Jim Cramer. Cramer’s an easy target because he’s a buffoon, but he’s not responsible for the vast majority of what’s wrong with CNBC. He’s just a symbol, a brief cutaway on the Daily Show gag reel. And he’s only the surrogate for CNBC here because he was thin-skinned enough to make himself into it.

But Stewart does a great job of pivoting away from targeting him specifically and going after the bigger picture. His eloquence, righteous indignation and perceptiveness here go a long way towards showing why this guy’s one of my heroes for many more reasons than just his aptitude with dick jokes.


One Response

  1. Saw this last night when it all went down, f’ing great. At one point I thought Cramer was actually crying. Good stuff though, Stewart is the man.

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