The Last Space Samurai of Fern Gully

Just saw it in 3D. Everything you’ve heard is right: it’s competent and thoroughly entertaining, if also thoroughly derivative. But Christ is it pretty! The technology may be new, but the movie magic is as old as King Kong. James Cameron managed to show me something I’d never seen before (except for on the covers of prog rock concept albums), and if it wasn’t artistically satisfying, it was at least fairly dazzling. The CGI was so well-rendered that computer generated Sam Worthington ended up being significantly more life-like and expressive than real Sam Worthington.

As for the politics of it: well-meaning but bone-headed and condescending, both to the invaders and the invaded. But although much ink has been spilled on the topic, that’s not what you’re thinking about for most of the movie. Mostly, you’re just in a diabetic coma.


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