Superdelegates: 1984-2010

I’m a little surprised this hasn’t gotten more attention–I would have missed it entirely if Daniel hadn’t emailed me. But it’s certainly welcome news. Quote:

Next time around, though, things are likely to be different. The Democratic Change Commission, a group created by the DNC to study the primary process, said Wednesday that it was recommending what amounts to the elimination of superdelegates.

If the commission’s recommendation is approved by the DNC’s Rules and Bylaws Committee, superdelegates would still have a vote; they just wouldn’t have a choice about whom it went to. They’d be bound to go along with the state they represent.

It’s about time. The superdelegates were an anachronism even when they were introduced into the system, a vestige of the old nomination system predicated on backroom deals and horse-trading among the powerful. But one fortunate consequence of the drawn out primary battle between Obama and Clinton in 2008 is that the razor-thin delegate margin drew more attention to the disproportionate power that superdelegates wield. And fortunately, the candidate who believed they should vote in accordance with the wishes of their Democratic constituents won.


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