Alan Grayson Gets It Backwards

I understand that he’s filling an underpopulated niche on the Democratic side (that of the partisan firebreather), but the guy still irritates the hell out of me. It’s possible to make forceful moral arguments from a liberal perspective without resorting to the same obnoxious “gotcha” rhetoric of the right. And this latest from him strikes me as a waste of House time:

The point being … the Bush administration did a lot of things very poorly? How novel!

More to the point, I think the causal chain he suggests at the end actually works in complete reverse. It’s not that Republicans dislike government because they’re bad at it; it’s that modern conservatism’s utter contempt for the capability of government to do any good at all hobbles their ability to manage it effectively when it’s time for government to step in.


One Response

  1. For sure. I appreciate a strong attack, but Grayson ends up looking like a buffoon.

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