A Birther in Ted Kennedy’s Seat

I don’t mean to pick on my friend and former NYU Local colleague Joe specifically, especially since the site he’s writing for is specifically media and meta-coverage-oriented, but I think his post on the most recent twist in the Brown/Coakley tragicomedy exemplifies how media coverage of this moment, and many other similar incidents, is pretty anemic.

The problem is that with the exception of some dispatches from the liberal blogosphere–which obviously has a vested interest in milking this thing for all it’s worth–most of the coverage that I’ve seen has focused on speculating on what sort of impact this will have on the campaign, how liberals will disseminate it, what would have happened if a liberal had made a similar gaffe, etc. That’s all being treated like the big story, but it’s not.

The big story is that an ostensibly moderate Senate candidate in a blue state might very well be a closeted extremist. If he’s not, at the very least this incident shows a Romney-esque eagerness to eat the far right’s shit whenever it suits him.

That’s huge. And it’s a shame to see the general obsession with the horse race overwhelm it.


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  1. […] not only does it mean he’s pushing the party further to the right, to the point where even supposedly moderate blue state candidates are espousing half-baked conspiracy theories, but it also means that the party has completely […]

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