Letting the Dust Settle

After going back and forth–and drafting, at least in my head, several different reactions ranging from fury to resignation–I’ve decided to hold off on commenting about the health care reform fallout until it’s clear what the Democratic way forward is. What I think is clear right now is that a semi-functional party would still be able to pass the bill. I guess we’re going to find out soon if either major political party in the United States is semi-functional.

If the bill fails, then we’re going to have a long, fairly unpleasant conversation about what the obligations of the left becomes. Jamelle has been fairly explicit of late about his intention to leave the party entirely if the (formerly) unthinkable occurs. Coates thinks there are two many other issues at stake. Me, I’m ambivalent. I’m sympathetic to the argument that there are other things the Democrats are working towards that we ought to support, but my confidence in their ability to do, well, basically anything has been deeply shaken.

2 Responses

  1. I’m beginning to believe that it’s possible that there is no left wing in the U.S. Though the Democrats hold a majority in Congress, many of these are Democrats in name only. Witness Lieberman or Bayh. I am extremely disallusioned and disappointed in the Obama administration. I hold out no hope that he will ‘take the gloves off.’

  2. Maybe I should do this too, Ned. It’s pretty hard for me to make sense of what’s going on right now.

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