What a Difference a Week Makes

Right about now is when the smug brigade start crowing about how Obama hasn’t turned out to be the liberal messiah all his progressive supporters expected him to be. But really, that’s not what this is about. You didn’t have to expect very much of him to expect more than what we’ve gotten over the last week.

It is not, for example, very much to ask that the White House not follow in the steps of the Bush administration and detain people without trial indefinitely. And it’s certainly not very much to ask that they not retreat from what they claimed was a centerpiece of their domestic agenda (although, to be frank, I haven’t seen a whole lot of evidence for that claim).

But now the spending freeze. One terrible idea on top of another.

The president’s list of accomplishments may still be thin, but here’s one he can add to the list: he’s made me, and a lot of his other supporters, look very stupid.


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