My Hyper-Detailed, Policy-Heavy, Ridiculously Nuanced State of the Union Reaction

Obama said a few things I took strong exception to (sad to see him adopt the old “tightening our belts” cliché in particular). He said many more things I’m in agreement with. The problem is, the speech did nothing to increase my now dangerously depleted confidence that he would actually follow through on any of the more ambitious things he suggested. I mean, if the guy won’t fight to get a comprehensive health care reform bill passed, how can we expect him to get a comprehensive climate change bill through? At least everyone on both sides of the aisle agrees that uninsured sick people exist.

Speaking of comprehensive health care reform: what I think should have been a major part of the speech ended up as a footnote. To goddamn deficit reduction, of all things.

I suppose I can’t really evaluate the speech until at least a couple weeks from now, after we see what he actually does in its wake. Hopefully more than he’s been doing. But if he stays the course, then my first impression won’t change.

For now, I give this speech a rating of two and a half mehs.


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