Tonight’s Dollhouse Finale

I have a post on it up at NYU Local. Here’s a preview:

Has it really been only two seasons? Joss Whedon’s kooky little show-that-almost-could may be meeting a premature end, but it’s had enough plot development and radical shifts in overall quality for a program five times its length. As I’ve written elsewhere, what started out as a subpar mission-of-the-week thriller fronted by a limited actress who was in waaaay over her head turned into a grim, challenging ensemble piece that, in its best moments, could easily be compared to Battlestar Galactica. Of course, once the show started improving on its formulaic first few episodes, it was doomed.

The last few episodes were put together after the axe had already fallen and FOX had washed their hands of the whole fiasco, giving Whedon and co. the chance to go balls-out. And that they did, producing a series of episodes (starting with “The Public Eye”) that were, dare I say, face-meltingly good. The question is if they can keep that streak up through the finale; and while I hate to rain on the Whedonite parade, I have my doubts.

Happy Friday.


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