The (Almost) Complete Last Waltz

I don’t think I’ve plugged PHROCK Blog here in the past, but it’s an amazing resource. For the past couple of months or so, I’ve been using it to wantonly indulge my inner John-Cusack-from-High Fidelity* and fill out my classic rock collection with everything from the standards I was missing out on (like Joan Baez; Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young; etc.) to the deeply obscure and weird (like, um, this).

But the greatest gem I’ve found there is four-disc box set of the Band’s final concert. Longtime readers might now I’m kind of obsessed with this concert, and the Band’s live performances in general (their studio stuff: good, but not essential). Up until now, I’ve only been listening to the two-disc remastered version, so this one is quite a find. It includes every song performed during the concert (except for the cover of “Georgia on My Mind,” which I’m going to guess was probably left off for legal reasons), most notably “Don’t Do It,” their signature signoff song. That gets left off most versions of the soundtrack, even though it plays over the film’s opening credits (see above).

There are 8 files to download, which is a lot for concert album under normal circumstances and even more when you need to deal with Rapidshare; but it’s worth it for any of you that have any interest in American roots rock. To my mind, nothing beats this.

*Okay, well, Jack Black, anyway.


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