But Right-Wing Terrorism is Just a Liberal Myth

So remember that report from the Obama DHS suggesting that there might be an uptick in far-right domestic terrorism? I sure do! I also remember most of the conservative messaging apparatus–by which I mean Michelle Malkin, most of FOX News, Joe Scarborough, some right-wing law center, the nominally objective but distinctly hackish Mike Allen and, of course, the Boehner in Chief–flipping the fuck out.

Of course there wouldn’t be any uptick in right-wing terrorism, because right-wing terrorism doesn’t exist! Sure, conservative leaders might occasionally throw a giant convention where each speaker inches closer to inciting outright violence than the last, but none of their legions of followers would actually go out and do anything violent. Any suggestion to the otherwise is just the Obama administration scrambling for a justification to violate the civil liberties these same conservatives hold so dear but wouldn’t extend to non-right-wing radicals.

Of course, that didn’t really explain this. And it still doesn’t explain yesterday’s attack on the IRS.

Speaking of yesterday’s attack: the aforementioned convention finds that shit hilarious!

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