How Do People Organize Their RSS Feeds?

Seriously, I need help. This is starting to get to be a real time management problem.

I’ve got 126 individual RSS feeds on Google Reader, plus the people I follow, and it’s really, really difficult for me to get myself to use the “Mark All As Read” button because I have mild OCD that never manifests itself in helpful ways like keeping my work organized or my room nice and neat. So I’ve started splitting the feeds from the biggest folders up into “Essential” and “Nonessential” subcategories. But I’m curious: any news junkies trying to live lives off the Internet got other efficient strategies?


2 Responses

  1. Yup, I have an “A” category (must read, always) and a “B” category (only if I have time) and “Friends.” But you could organize into time sensitive/not as time sensitive.

  2. Ok, look. I’ve got major OCD too, but sometimes you just have to suck it up and use the “Mark All As Read” button. I have a rule for myself: if it sits in Google Reader for more than 4 days and I still haven’t motivated myself to read through it, I’m probably never going to get around to it, so I forget about it. I’m not necessarily interested in every single post that makes it into my Google Reader anyway.

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