Tilting at Windmills Progress Report

After several aborted attempts at writing down the entire Juan Way story as I experienced it–which is really both less than and more than the actual story, because I wasn’t there for parts of it and I’m likely going to wind up including a lot of pseudo-philosophical rambling and anecdotes about stuff that happened before or after the trip–I’m taking a new angle: I’m just writing down a four- or five-word summary of every single anecdote or stray thought I’ve ever had related to the trip. When I’m pretty sure I’ve collected all of them, I’m going to jumble up the chronology and make a chart that I think displays them in a way that makes both thematic and narrative sense.

Then, presumably, I’ll write about all of them in that order, cutting, adding and reshuffling stuff along the way.

So we’ll, uh, see how that goes.


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