Friday Afternoon Music: Lucero’s “The Devil and Maggie Chascarillo”

The album this song’s from–1372 Overton Park–was one of the happiest finds of 2010 so far for me. I’m a sucker for old-fashioned hard-rockin’ ballads, and Lucero is one of those rare bands that can play on the old classic rock clichés completely earnestly and sound awesome doing it. A lot of that can be attributed, I think, to the lead singer’s voice. This guy was born to front a rock band; I mean, he sounds like a goddamn mountain lion. As a result, I’m pretty much willing to believe anything he says as long as it’s backed up by three power chords.

Overton Park is the band’s major label debut, and while I’ve tried dipping my toe into some of their earlier stuff, it just doesn’t hit me in the same way. Sometimes I wonder if it would have if I had listened to that stuff first; I mean, I’m all onboard with combining punk and E-Street Band influences (re: my love for The Gaslight Anthem), but Lucero’s earlier sound–consisting of the standard drums-bass-guitar set up–can’t compare to the much fuller sound of Overton Park.


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