TBNYU and the Politics of Onanism

Now that Take Back NYU (henceforth I refuse to add in the gratuitous exclamation point) is doing stuff again, it’s worth asking–for not the first time–what exactly it is they’re trying to accomplish, and how their tactics will get them closer to that goal.

As far as I can tell, they didn’t make any demands at this particular protest, get themselves any closer to engaging with the administration, or do themselves any good with regards to general campus opinion. In fact, they openly refused to talk to NYU Local, one of the biggest NYU news hubs, out of spite. I suppose nobody’s told them that spite is not the foundation for a great media strategy.

So let’s recap: a group with no clear goals stages a protest that wouldn’t do anything to get them closer to those goals in the first place. What’s the point? My best guess is self-gratification. They’re acting out their fantasies of youthful rebellion in a way that only serves to further marginalize even the reasonable grievances they claim to want expressed.


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  1. …lol.

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