Frightened Rabbit are Still Scotland’s #1 Sadness Pornographers

Remember a couple days ago when I was defending the album? (Evidently this blog is now mostly given over to providing aggressive pushback against claims regarding the irrelevance of various artistic mediums. Tomorrow: wood etchings!) Well Frightened Rabbit’s latest, The Winter of Mixed Drinks, is a perfect example of how albums can be even more than the sum of their parts. This is from an interview with the band:

It’s about an escape and maybe even a slight breakdown. I have to say, it’s semi-fictional. There’s a protagonist who is possibly male but it doesn’t really describe my life because if I did that it wouldn’t make for an interesting album this time around as I’ve been quite solid and content, thankfully.

I feel like we’ve been seeing a lot more of this lately; not concept albums in the strict, storytelling, Hazards of Love sense (although we’ve gotten a few great examples of those recently, most notably The Hazards of Love) but more like something you could call the theme album. I’m liking this trend.

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