But Right-Wing Terrorism’s a Myth, Part II

Over at Salon, Gabriel Winant makes a point I’ve been arguing for awhile: that as time goes by, the DHS report warning for a rise of right-wing political violence looks more prescient than ever. And the same people who ranted that this report was drafted solely as a justification for oppressing peaceful conservative dissenters are–intentionally or not–fomenting this violence.

This is what happens when you subjugate all other concerns to victory for the party: when the RNC seeks to convince its supporters that a modest health care package represents the end of democracy, they should expect some of those supporters to react by using any means necessary to preserve democracy. But rather than taking responsibility, Republican leaders are turning to increasingly pathetic excuses: the Democrats do it too! The media is being mean!

These sorts of rhetorical crutches used to be merely irritating, but now they’re appalling. After spending years harassing the left over their perceived tolerance and sympathy towards acts of political violence, Republican leaders–and, to a much greater extent, the conservative media apparatus–are reminding us of the real issue; that for the modern American right, there is no principle that can’t be sacrificed to the platform, or twisted and perverted into something completely unrecognizable. So remember, folks: politically motivated violence is bad, but it’s at least somewhat easier to understand when white Christian people do it.

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