The Mask of Neutrality

I’m gonna be honest: when I first saw this article, one of the first things to pop into my head was about the irony of gigantic old-journalism media institution pursing their lips and shaking their head ruefully at people who make a claim to neutrality but seem to have deeply embedded ideological assumptions underlying what they’re actually saying. Because, of course, the New York Times does that too.

The difference here is that I suspect was founded with the explicit intent of pushing a certain position. But really, how big a difference does that make?

This isn’t, obviously, intended to be a defense of the ad campaign. I find these sort of attempts at soft coercion–the paternal, “Do what you want, but we know what’s best for you and you’re just going to fuck up your own life” crap–repugnant when dealing with matters that should be all about choice and autonomy.


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