Although Of Course You End Up Becoming Yourself

I have a review of David Lipsky’s new book about David Foster Wallace (essentially a book-length interview of the author taking place after the release of Infinite Jest) over at Wunderkammer.

Thanks again to the good people there, particularly David Michael, for contacting me about reviewing this. It was a real pleasure to dig deep into DFW’s unedited thoughts–so much so that, I have to admit, writing the last paragraph of this review made me a little verklempt. I’ve never been one to be affected all that much by celebrity deaths, but now when ever I think about Wallace’s suicide it hits me kind of hard.

In the review, I quote Lipsky as saying that Wallace’s writing persona “was the best friend you’d ever have.” Maybe that’s why, even now, it still kind of feels like I lost a friend.

Anyway, read the review. And if you haven’t read any David Foster Wallace, then for god’s sake, do that.


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