No Tea Partier Has Ever Done Anything Racist, Ever

Regarding the increasingly sad efforts of Andrew Breitbart and others to “disprove” that Tea Party acolytes hurled racial slurs at civil rights leaders, Greg Sargent says:

On a separate note, this whole effort by the right wing media and blososphere is deeply mystifying. If you are trying to make the case that the Tea Party movement is tolerant and diverse, defending the Tea Partiers by accusing Civil Rights icons of lying and racemongering doesn’t seem like the wisest strategy.

Kind of weird, huh? From both a tactical standpoint and a minimum of human decency standpoint, the thing to do would have been to say, “Obviously we don’t condone this kind of thing. It’s reprehensible, and no anyone who engages in this sort of behavior has no place in our organization.” Then it drops off the radar after a news cycle.

Of course, if you view this move as being motivated more by spite and deep, deep denial than either tactics or decency, it makes a lot more sense.


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