Updating the Philosopher Stereotype

Via one of my former Philosophy TAs, here’s what we’re all apparently supposed to picture when we picture the modern philosopher:

Stereotype for ‘philosopher’ (up to date): young-looking, man, poorly dressed or Euro-trash, beer-drinker, fun, endearing analytic writing-style, prolific, confuses career with life, tardiness in responding to emails from people below himself, has a mental list of good and bad people and good and bad philosophy, travels frequently, changes jobs often, contributes to one or more weblogs, has a webpage with links to all published articles and works in progress, is a member of Facebook, has at least 200 Facebook friends, owns a MacBook, owns an iPhone, is obsessed with department and journal rankings, frequently attends the meetings of the American Philosophical Association mostly to be seen and to hang with the inner circle, obsessed with media presence, surrounded by female groupies.

So apparently if I continue to pursue Philosophy in grad school, I’m going to need to get an iPhone. And some groupies.


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