Someone Should Hire Me to Do Work Stuff

Introduction (EDITED)
On June 25, I will complete the last of my coursework at NYU and leave college with a B.A. in Philosophy. June 26 is what I’m trying to figure out right now. My tentative plans are to move from Brooklyn to Washington D.C., but that is far from set in stone, and I would be happy to move to any decently sized metropolitan area provided there is a good enough job waiting for me there.

Basically what I’m looking for is a job in journalism/communications for a cause or organization I can believe in. Time commitment and salary are of no object to me, provided I remain somewhere above the poverty line; the biggest thing for me is finding a place where my skills will be put to good use. I’m a really strong, passionate writer and communicator, I have a ton of journalism and new media experience, and I’ve got a pretty deep, sophisticated understanding of politics and public policy, among other things.

More details below. Thanks to friend and editor Jess Roy for inspiration.

Other Noteworthy Stuff
Jobs I Am Qualified For
Jobs I Am Not Qualified For
How to Contact Me

1.) I write real pretty. E.g. this blog and the contents of the Stuff I Wrote section.

2.) I know new media and the Internet. E.g. this blog, my work experience (see below), and my experience using tools like HTML, Photoshop, the Twitternets, and so on.

2.) I know politics and public policy. I’m an obsessive news junkie and have good political instincts.

3.) I know pop culture and literature. I’m also good at breaking down why good art is good and bad art is bad. E.g. my recent review of David Lipsky’s Although Of Course You End Up Becoming Yourself.

4.) Puns. I’m really good at puns.

5.) I’m a pretty tireless worker, and I work well under pressure. All I need is access to caffeine and I can keep going past any reasonable, humane standard.

6.) Regarding the above, I should also mention that I ain’t no snitch. OSHA won’t hear a peep from me, I swear.

7.) Studying philosophy has given me a really good intuitive grasp of logic and how arguments are constructed. Between that and my sponge-like information absorption abilities, I can digest and easily adapt to all kinds of new data and contexts. It’s also made me a really strong analytical thinker.

April-November 2006: Communications intern for the Ned Lamont for Senate campaign.
Went door-to-door and issued press credentials at events, but my biggest responsibility was tracking news and blog commentary on the race and firing off daily summaries to most of the staff, including the candidate, campaign manager and communications director.

September-December 2007: Research intern for TPM Media.
Helped coordinate and manage events at TPMCafe. Also, usually ordered the pizza on pizza Fridays.

March 2008-December 2008: Section editor for NYU Local.
Edited first the Opinion section and then later the National section. I still regularly contribute content to the site. Author archives can be found here.

September 2008-August 2009: Columnist/blogger at Campus Progress.
Contributed content to the blog Pushback (author archive here), wrote a regular column for the main site, and eventually was given the keys to what was, at the time, CP’s only solo blog.

November 2009-Present Day: Editorial intern at Library Journal.
Mostly administrative/clerical work, although I do write the occasional review.

Other Noteworthy Stuff
• Finalist in the 2007 The Nation Student Writing Contest (article published here).

• Co-wrote what was, at the time, one of Cracked‘s most popular articles of all time.

• Attended the 2008 Netroots Nation Convention on a DFA Scholarship.

Gothamist says: “NYU student and blogger Ned Resnikoff’s account of Anne Coulter’s appearance at the university last night is so sharp you’d think the kid has a bright future in journalism ahead of him, if it wasn’t for journalism’s implosion.”

• Guestblogged for Spencer Ackerman twice (author archive here).

• Selected excerpts from this article I co-wrote are to be included in an upcoming book being published by Penguin.

Jobs I Am Qualified For
• Political Journalism/Commentary
• New Media Outreach
• Political Communications In General
• Arts/Cultural Criticism, Particularly Book Reviews
• Speech Writing
• Travel Writing/Feature Journalism
• Political Administrative/Assistant Work
• Political Research Work

Jobs I Am Not Qualified For
• Male Model
• Linebacker
• Rabbi
• Female Model
• Steven Seagal: Lawman

How to Contact Me
More info here.


3 Responses

  1. Regarding numbers 5 and 6 – ah, the innocence of youth.

    An employer’s failure to follow the order of a doctor who barely and begrudgingly admitted I had an injury cost their insurance company $50K and me a permanent disability.

    Do not even joke about willingness to overwork. Be a snitch if necessary. The health you save could be your own. If it’s somebody else’s instead, that’s good, too.

  2. Prospective employers, I can vouch that Ned is indeed a clever and savvy politics junkie. He is also too modest, as I believe he would make an excellent female model, especially with his slender hands.

  3. […] -Online résumé updated: check. […]

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