Friday Afternoon Music: Cavalier Rose’s “Button”

These guys haven’t recorded an album yet, but I’m looking forward to when they do. Then when everyone else discovers them, I can be really smug and talk about how I saw them when they were still playing showcases and bars in Williamsburg.

I always appreciate a proficient, soulful blues-rock band, and these guys are better than most. What sets it apart is Heather Christian’s vocals–you don’t often hear bands of this sort with a female singer, especially not one whose voice occasionally takes on this spectral, Björkish quality. It contrasts really well with the powerful, sturdy rhythm and grimy riffage of the rest of the band.

Seriously, if you’re in NYC, check out one of their free shows sometimes. And remember this post, because I’m going to use it as evidence of my hipster cred when you come telling me about how great they were at Bonaroo 2013.


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