Psychoanalyzing Liberal Jews

I’ll admit that I haven’t yet had time to read Peter Beinart’s much-blogged essay on young, liberal Jewish Americans and Israel, but I do think it’s noteworthy that it has provoked the typical response from the gatekeepers of Jewishness:*

The problem, however, isn’t with leading Jewish organizations that defend Israel, but with liberalism. As sickening as it sounds, Jewish liberals see their fellow Jews as noble when they are victims being led helplessly into the gas chambers, but recoil at the thought of Jews who refuse to be victims, and actually take actions to defend themselves.

(Via Larison.)

My guess is we’ll be hearing a lot of similar sentiments (and even more toxic ones) from defenders of Israel’s behavior as we move towards the post-Jewish pro-Israel movement Yglesias describes.

*Explanation of the term here.


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