First a prosaic question–Is there a comments section? Or can there be? Or is that what this is? Kids today and their newfangled tumblr grumble. Also, I just blogged about a moral philosophy-ish question that came up for me while reading the NYT article on babies' morality, and would love to know if my take on it (in the final paragraph) makes any sense and/or has been explored by some thinker or other: And related to that, a broader question: how do we reconcile philosophy and science? There are a lot of theories that seem reduced to mere historical relics in the face of scientific knowledge. Even something less clear-cut like morality makes me wonder–if for example we know that morality evolved, and we know psychological reasons for why we act the way we do, and we are learning more about the neuroscience behind it every day–what real epistemic value does philosophy add?

I’m working on the comments section. For some reason, disqus is behaving strangely, but I do really want one.

As for moral philosophy and the science of philosophy, I’ll get to that soon. But the short answer is there’s no conflict between science and philosophy provided both scientists and philosophers are doing their jobs correctly.


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