Philosophy Ancient PhilosophyiTunesFeedStream – David Ebrey, UC Berkeley DeathYouTubeiTunesDownload Course – Shelly Kagan, Yale Existentialism in Literature & FilmiTunesFeed – Hubert Dreyfus, UC Berkeley HeideggeriTunesFeedMP3s – Hubert Dreyfus, UC Berkeley Heidegger’s Being & TimeFeedMP3s – Hubert Dreyfus, UC Berkeley Introduction to Political PhilosophyYouTubeiTunesDownload Course, Steven B. Smith, Yale Introduction to Practical Reasoning and Critical Analysis of Argument, iTunes – Daniel Coffeen, UC Berkeley Justice: What’s the Right Thing to Do?YouTube – Michael Sandel, Harvard Kant’s EpistemologyiTunes – Dr Susan Stuarts, University of Glasgow. Man, God and Society in Western LiteratureiTunesFeed – Hubert Dreyfus, UC Berkeley Philosophy for BeginnersiTunes – Marianne Talbot, Oxford Proust & PhilosophyFeed – Johns Hopkins The Examined LifeiTunes – Greg Reihman, Lehigh University (via thepoliticalpartygirl:postmodernsleaze:sailrmercury:likeneelyohara:milkchugger:fuckyeahexistentialism:jmek:mildlyannoyedrabbit)
I haven’t taken any of the other ones, but Justice is fantastic.

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