Different Direction?

I’ve been really pleased with the little following this blog has been gathering, and especially with the consistent quality of the comments and discussion threads. But it occurs to me that there are some long-term challenges built into the project I’m trying to work on here: I don’t want to spend all my time just re-articulating the positions of different academic philosophers, because that is

  • Kind of boring.
  • Something someone with an actual PhD in Philosophy is infinitely more qualified to do.
  • A project that has definite limits, in that I’m mostly working off what I learned in class and won’t necessarily have the time and academic support to consistently locate new material to explore in a meaningful way. And I don’t want to write stuff based on what I learned on Hegel’s Wikipedia page.

Besides, I want to demonstrate—as many times over as I can—why philosophical arguments aren’t just abstract meta-arguments. I want to show why this stuff (and by stuff I mean not just the content, but the fundamental method of philosophy) is alive, vital, and directly relevant to our engagement with the modern world.

So how would you guys feel if I pivoted to talking more about politics and culture from a philosophical perspective, and with frequent reference to what different prominent philosophers might have to say about it? Is that something you guys would want to read? Or should I just keep doing what I’ve been doing?

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