DFW’s Anti-Fatalism Dissertation to Be Published

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Yesterday I mentioned that David Foster Wallace had training as an academic philosopher. Well it turns out that his undergraduate thesis—described in this article—is going to be published in its entirety. I look forward to reading it, although I fully expect to be horribly confused. Symbolic logic was probably the single subject I was weakest on while studying Philosophy at the undergraduate level, and we never even got around to covering the material that would make something like this excerpt make sense:

Let Φ (a physical possibility structure) be a set of distinct but intersecting paths ji–jn, each of which is a set of functions, L’s, on ordered pairs {t, w} ({time, world situation}), such that for any Ln, Lm in some ji, Ln R Lm, where R is a primitive accessibility relation corresponding to physical possibility understood in terms of diachronic physical compatibility.

Yeah, I’m completely lost there. Maybe some of my fellow Philosophy majors can help us out?

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