Thus I used the term logical framework – we can think of an idea that is conceptually unreasonable, but the manner in which we think about it (a logical syntactic structure made up of logically ordered words or images that are logically possible, etc.) is logical to an absolute degree. To recognise WHY everything we perceive works logically would require omniscience, but – given this framework is true – we can recognise that everything must be logically, therefore determinism. This would also show transcendental philosophies to being false. (for whatever reason I can't post this without it telling me my email isn't valid, so I put it here)

I still feel like there are a couple steps missing here. Why does our ability to recognize logical causal forces necessarily mean we live in a deterministic universe? Surely we could still behave in a way that isn’t directly causally determined.

To be clear: I’m actually a soft determinist, so I don’t think determinism is total bunk. But this argument for it baffles me.

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