Point Blank – That’s The Law


Today seemed like a good day to resurrect an old tradition from my previous blog: Friday Afternoon Music. I missed the opportunity to rant about another one of my obsessions, and the Tumblr platform is more conducive to this sort of thing anyway.

Point Blank’s “That’s the Law,” from their stellar debut album, is as good a place to start as any. It’s not just that this song is emblematic of my infatuation with classic blues rock (“dad rock,” if you prefer, another indication of my premature middle age). It’s also that if I could choose a theme song, this would be it. Those opening bars are what I want blasting whenever I stride, probably in slow motion, into a room.

Sadly, I’m not remotely awesome enough to claim this song as representative of my day-to-day life. But then again, who is?

(By the way, Point Blank also recorded a song called “Uncle Ned” for their second album. But that one isn’t anywhere near as cool—and besides, a theme song with my name in it would be way too on-the-nose.)

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