The above photo was taken at the Rio hotel, home of NN 2010. There were a bunch of these virtual Blackjack dealers scattered around the casino, and every couple of hours they would cycle to another random model in a low-cut dress. Besides the above woman, I counted an Aryan in some kind of German milkmaid Halloween costume and an Asian woman in a tight green cocktail dress.

Between the weirdly sanitized sexuality-drained-of-actual-eroticism and the whole high-tech-ways-to-lose-your-money thing, this is the second-best metaphor I found for the experience of actually being in Vegas. #1 was the dead-eyed woman in a cocktail dress that looked more like a two-piece swimsuit who I saw doing a wriggly dance on top of the slot machines, but I was too self-conscious to take a photo of that.

The point is, if Netroots Nation wanted to avoid leaving us all with the impression that we are a civilization in decline, they probably could have picked a better city to hold the conference in.


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