Wittgenblogging: The First Proposition, Cont.

Peter’s first post is up with some reflections on how Wittgenstein expresses his ideas. It’s something I hadn’t given much thought to, but Peter’s right to pay it some attention; there’s something strangely compelling about how the first proposition consists entirely of spare, almost zen-like expressions. There’s not a wasted word, and the reflection you have to give to puzzle out their meaning makes their impact even greater. It feels less like Wittgenstein is telling you something, and more like he’s pointing you in the direction to discover it yourself. This has always seemed to me like the best way to practice philosophy.

One last thing: To answer homebodybuddy’s question, neither Peter nor I have any immediate plans to blog Philosophical Investigations, but if we enjoy working all the way through the Tractatus, and get a good response from our readers, then it’s definitely something we’d consider. I’m pretty intrigued by Investigations, since I’ve read that Wittgenstein goes back on a lot of claims he made in the work we’re currently Wittgenblogging; it would be interesting to see what objections we end up raising, and if Investigations answers any of them.

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