A G-g-g-g-ghost!

I can’t totally vouch for the factual accuracy of a Cracked article — I used to write some of them, after all — but this one, about the science behind ghost sightings, is both entertaining and plausible. I’m inclined to believe it, and accept it as a satisfactory explanation for a few previously mysterious yeah-but-what-about-this stories that my non-skeptic friends will occasionally pose to me.

I guess the response would be that attributing a bunch of incidents to infrasound when I wasn’t there and there’s no way to go back and measure it requires just as much faith as accepting that ghosts are real, but I don’t buy that. Infrasound is a naturalistic explanation, while hauntings require a metaphysical dimension; and folks who have been following the Wittgenblogging here have a pretty good idea of how I feel about metaphysical explanations at this point.


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