On the Gawker Thing

I held off a little bit on writing my take on the whole matter (I mean, besides some inchoate rage I unloaded onto my Twitter feed), but today I’ve got some thoughts on Gawker’s excuse for their actions over at the League.

Gawker is sort of an awkward thing for me, since I’ve got more than a couple friends who are personally or professionally associated with them in one way or another. Since I know some of them occasionally check this blog, I’d like to take a moment to address y’all directly:

You’ve got the talent, drive and savvy to do some good for people. With that in mind, I urge you all to think real hard about whether or not this seems remotely okay to you. And then think about if you’re okay having your name associated with something like this, or with an institution that does things like this. It seems to me that for an intelligent, driven young journalist with a modicum of self-respect, there’s one answer.


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