Philosophy Trends

aatombomb asks:

What’s in vogue right now academia-wise? When I was in school, many moons ago, it was postmodernism (I was a Derrida fan myself). I feel like that has fallen out of favor since. Has anything else emerged in its place?

Honestly? I haven’t the faintest idea. Ever since I graduated college, I’ve kind of existed in my own little universe when it comes to what philosophy I consume and why. The best answer I can give is based on anecdotal evidence from my time at NYU. I can tell you that I didn’t hear Derrida mentioned once in any of my classes (as a result, sadly enough, I couldn’t even really tell you much of what he’s all about, besides mumbling something about deconstruction and postmodernism). It seems like he’s mostly only brought up in comparative lit and other non-philosophy classes these days.

The big thing at NYU, and, I think, most other US universities is analytic philosophy. You’re unlikely to hear much about any philosophers from the European continent after Kant; not even Nietzsche. Personally, I found that to be sort of a bummer.


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