A Rather Urgent #OWS PSA

Close followers of Occupy Wall Street have undoubtedly heard the news already, but here it is for those who haven’t:

Occupy Wall Street is gaining momentum, with occupation actions now happening in cities across the world.

But last night Mayor Bloomberg and the NYPD notified Occupy Wall Street participants about plans to “clean the park”—the site of the Wall Street protests—tomorrow starting at 7am. “Cleaning” was used as a pretext to shut down “Bloombergville” a few months back, and to shut down peaceful occupations elsewhere.

Bloomberg says that the park will be open for public usage following the cleaning, but with a notable caveat: Occupy Wall Street participants must follow the “rules”.

NYPD Police Commissioner Ray Kelly has said that they will move in to clear us and we will not be allowed to take sleeping bags, tarps, personal items or gear back into the park.

This is it — this is their attempt to shut down #OWS for good.

The whole velvet-gloved “cleaning” pretext is classic: ugly, dissent-quashing authoritarianism thinly disguised as benign paternalism. Which makes it a perfect metaphor for what the occupiers came together to resist in the first place.

Anyway, 6 AM is when everyone’s getting together at Freedom Plaza to turn down the city’s eviction notice. Dress nice, be polite to your friendly neighborhood officer. Maybe bring a camera. And if you can’t make it, consider calling 311 (for New Yorkers) or 212-639-9675 (for non-New Yorkers) and asking Bloomberg and Kelly to let the occupiers exercise their right to peaceably assemble.

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One Response

  1. I am in full support of the OWS MOVEMENT. It is essential at this point in time to stand fast and exercise the right to assemble, to protest, and to speak freely. Bloomberg is demonstrating that the one percent are willing to turn their insidious take over of our government into a police state in order to protect their ill-gotten gains. If Bloomberg does succeed at clearing the part, then I would suggest it is time for a consumer and worker boycott. Let us find solidarity with municipal workers, teachers, construction workers, taxi cab drivers and more. And then to refuse to pay taxes, fees, fares and not buy anything except for essentials.

    The point has got to be driven home. The OSW movement has got to be allowed to continue, evolve, and be allowed to generate the leaders that will procure a better world for the generation that they represent. Politics as usual is turning this country into Capitalist dictatorship. It is time for us to simply refuse to partake in the robbery of this nation by people who have little, if any, interest in the precepts of our Democracy.

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